Ika-6-Na Utos GMA Pinoy TV Show Read Full Story

Ika-6 Na Utos is one the most popular Philippine drama of its time on GMA Pinoy TV. It is broadcasted by GMA network. The story of this Pinoy tambayan Show is about a young girl Emma; she is playing the role of a rightful wife who works hard to keep her husband from leaving her for another mistress. The story mainly focuses on the life journey of Emma with his husband. She is a sacrificial wife who has to carry on her relationship with his husband and his evil mistress. This story depicts a battle of women and inspires many other women and couples to work on their relationship to save them.

Thrilling & Attractive story of Ika-6 na Utos having Suspense

In the start of the story, Emma falls in love with a pilot, Rome and decides to marry him. Rome and Emma both act like a happy and perfect couple that anyone can dream of. Like many other relationships, they both also have to face some severe issues in their relationship. Rome starts focusing more on his career, and his social circle gradually increases whereas on the other side Emma works hard to look after the family.

In the meantime it happens that Rome meets Georgia, who is portrayed by Ryza Cenon. She is a sexy and an ambitious lady. She works in a company as an interior decorator and starts flirting with Rome and becomes his mistress. Georgia makes use of her seductive charm to make Rome fall for her. She also gradually wins Rome from Emma as they happen to sleep on the same bed. This is the main reason for Emma’s and Rome’s separation.

Ika-6-Na Utos GMA Pinoy TV Show Read Full Story

Georgia also plans to murder Emma and her other partner in crime but some hoe Emma tries to escape from the situation and takes help from her sister, Flor. In season two, all the evil schemes of Emma starts working as Romes begins to despise from her mistress. Emma rage and revenge against Georgia increase as he wants her husband back.

In this season Emma and Rome also realize that love between them still exists. Flores older brother even tries to help Emma to take revenge and fall in love with her. To find out what happens to Emma revenge we need to wait in this second season. Pinoy channel has received too many reviews about to reveal the story of 2nd season or Season 2 of Ika-6 na utos. Pinoy TV shows Ika-6 na utos also wins the awards of highest rating daytime show on GMA Pinoy TV.