Kadenang Ginto


Pinoy Tambayan has been airing such a fascinating ABS-CBN Pinoy TV series called Kadenang Ginto for a year now. These Pinoy TV series has been on the face of the earth since 2018. Even though the show debuted on ABS-CBN, the response was so overwhelming that it began airing internationally on Filipino Channel. It’s reaching audience members everywhere around the globe. Kadenang Ginto basically means the heiress. It discusses the empowerment of women and encourages ladies from across the town to step up and have a control on their lives.

Kadenang Ginto


Kadenang Ginto carries a very special message that the society needs to hear. They refer to the problems that are considered taboo even in this day and age. People hesitate to even discuss the issue that can create a very alarming situation. However, Kadenang Ginto has stepped up as the advocate of rape and harassment cases. They are creating awareness among everyone. At the end of the day, they are planning on infesting people’s minds with the idea of growing more comfortable on discussing such topics. This is the least impact that they are hoping their show will create. Of course, on a larger picture, they want their audience to learn the way of either supporting someone who has become a victim of this problem or continue their life even after this tragedy.


Different characters with their own personalities have all gathered to make this show a success. So basically, there is a Mondragon family in which majority of the main characters are contained. The Mondragon family consists of Robert who is a millionaire tycoon. He has a daughter Daniela who creates plethora of problems for Romina. Romina has her own daughter named Cassie. There are some characters that are absolutely unpredictable. In the start, he will be shown as someone who has tones of principles. Eventually you will observe him getting out of hand due to his feelings for Romina. Marga is really into destroying everyone’s life and making sure that she enjoys a remarkable social position.


The main person victimized in this story is played by Romina Andrada. She was raped at an early age and now she is working hard to not let her past affect her future as she struggles through life. There are two reasons why she is working so hard to make her life worth living. One of those reasons is the child she is bearing of the rapist. Even though her life did not turn out quiet the way she wanted, she wants her child to have the best experience with everything.

In her improved life, she is the secretary of a business tycoon named Robert Mondragon. The businessman, later, marries her and they have a beautiful daughter. Romina wants the best for her daughter in every aspect of life. The story takes several turns in future as the person who has been through enough, still, has to survive even after everything. The reason for the survival is not wrong as Robert’s daughter, Daneila, is hell bound on getting all the property of her father. According to her, all the fortune of her dad belongs to her only, none of it is supposed to be given to her step mother. There are several incidents that tie a relationship between Romina and Daneila’s past.

One thing that is important to note here is that the source of motivation of both the women is different. Where Romina wants everything specifically for her daughter, Daniela is aiming for all the property transferred to her name. These two kinds of aims and motivations are both executed in sync by your very own channel that is Pinoy channel.


Kadenang Ginto is not just any television series that provides entertainment. It creates an impact on the lives of those that are its diehard fans. The show has taught the audience to be kind and gentle. However, at the same time it has taught them to stand up for themselves when needed. The cast and story has encouraged the audience to be brave when needed and fear nobody. Even though every little thing is important, what is more important is the lesson that very few people are able to give. They teach you to be kind to your enemies. Never throw the same rock they have thrown on you. Apart from that, another important lesson is the fact that being proud is not going to get you anywhere. Hence, you should be grateful for what you have unlike Marga and remember that anything that belongs to you will It is an everyday activity of everyone to watch the Pinoy teleserye at any cost; either take time out from their own busy schedule or watch the repeat telecast.


Every social media platform is exploding with the posts related to Kadenang Ginto. The audience is madly in love with this pinoy tv series as it has become an important part of their lives. One reason why the audience is so invested in the series is because the actors and actresses are extremely humble and they keep the audience connected.


This series is going to take you on a ride where two women fight over the attention and affection of one man. There will be several incidents where clever tricks will be played out just for the sake of power. All of them live under the same roof making sure that they get all their needs satisfied even if the other person rots in hell. The mystery gets more exciting as Carlos is shown to be someone whom both the women love. At the end of the day, it is a television series filled with tricks and complex situations as the person who is involved with both the women face a dangerous encounter. A new and upcoming ABS-CBN television series Love Thy Woman is going to replace with Kadenang Ginto on ABS-CBN. You have to become a part of these series as soon as possible. Either watch it when it airs on Pinoy TV or you can always have pinoy ako online tambayan to rescue.

Love Thy Woman